Enriching your Life

I realize it's not close to New Year's Eve. I also realize that I'm still making a resolution!! Who says beginnings and resolutions have to start on specific dates? That's just ridiculous! Your ideas should start when you're ready, when you're excited.
That's why I've decided to make a list of all the things I'd like to be able to do well! A sort of bucket list if you will. But of not just things to do or see but things to master or at least become proficient at.
How many times have we said well I'd love to be able to that but I have the first clue how? Or if only I new how to do such and such I wouldn't have to spend so much money on this!! Etc. etc. So I'm making a list and one at a time I'll be reading about that subject. Taking a class if possible and practicing until I can do it well!!
In the end I hope to be smarter wiser craftier and more useful!!


Disconnecting to connect

Most of the summer has been scorching hot! This is pretty normal for my area but this year our pool went caput. So without any relief from the heat my kids have spent a good portion of the summer indoors. Indoors connected to PlayStations, iPods, computers, laptops, dsi's, T.v.'s. and cell phones. So I have decided for the rest of August to really start limiting their electronic playtime.
I have already started refresher "back to school" courses for my youngest two children. Reading, writing, math, science, and bible. Of course they have daily chores to do. The younger two who are 6 and 8 do the unloading of the dish washer and unloading of the washer and dryer. They also have to make sure to pick up all their own stuff from around the house daily. From now on they are Not going to be allowed any electronic time until all their studies and chores are done. We already forbid electronics at the kitchen or dining room table. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be a time for family not games or internet.
I feel like you have to be careful and watch the amount of time they spend on electronics or it will take over their lives. They are young and too impressionable.


My life is far from perfect! I have four children that are between the ages of 18 years old (Dear Lord) He is never wrong!!! I don’t think he believes anything I say! If I say it, it must be completely incorrect. 15 years old (yay, another teenager) He is sweet as Pie, most of the time. Except when he has decided to do something that he isn’t suppose to do. Like rewire the electric, or take apart my washing machine!!! I think he doesn’t understand the fact that he need schooling for these types of projects. 8 years old (who thinks he should be treated exactly like his teenage brothers) Not going to happen! He’s my picky one! He doesn’t like to be cold, he doesnt’ like to be hot, he doesnt’ like most foods. He will not eat any fruits!!The only veggie he eats is corn. Oh and No hamburger at all! (the texture is wrong) Lastly at 6 years old, my daughter (who thinks she is 16 already) She is so mouthy! The way she picks on her older brothers is relentless. And I gotta say she doesn’t seem to mind telling me what to do occasionally!

But………  I’m so glad they are strong-willed independent children and one adult. Because I know they will do Ok. They will be fine when it comes time to let them go. This year my 18-year-old is leaving for college. He going far, far away. which is just what he wanted. To be own his own on his own terms. I’m learning to let go. No, I don’t want too! I don’t worry that he’ll be hurt or that he won’t be able to manage. I just know how much I’m going to miss him. His funny wit and silly comebacks. He has always been able to make me laugh. He’s a good kid. But it feels like I’m losing a part of myself. I love you, Son! I hope your journey is awesome!!

Being Grateful

There are so many things you can to do increase the happiness of your home. First and foremost is to remember to be grateful for what you do have.  So many people have so much less than we do. You have to take time and Thank God for all your blessings. Even hardships can be blessing in disguise. Only time can tell. Somewhere someone wants what you think is trash and vice versa. It’s all in the perspective. People in war torn countries aren’t upset over not having the latest fashions. They just want peace. People in countries with famine and little to no water aren’t concerned about television and fads. They just want to eat and drink. The biggest threat to happiness is trying to keep up with the Joneses. Money is a fickle thing. It can help and bring happiness or tear down and bring heartache. The only way to true happiness is to change your mindset.  You must learn to be grateful for what you do have, not miserable over what you don’t have.


We are all created in Gods image. By Gods hands. Which means even God enjoyed creating things. Creating crafts, DIY projects, an organized home, and a family full of joy are just a few of the things we can do each day to help keep our lives full and rich. Being able to take pride in a job well done is another road to happiness. Every time we craft and build and create we breathe life into our soul and energy into our environment.

Be Happy

This is the post excerpt.

There are a lot of different things that can make us happy! My goal is to help you find different ways to be fulfilled. To see the silver lining and see the cup as half full! Life is hard but we are stronger. There is no one way for everyone to be happy but there are a million little ways to LIVE! (It’s the little things and moments that matter.)