Being Grateful

There are so many things you can to do increase the happiness of your home. First and foremost is to remember to be grateful for what you do have.  So many people have so much less than we do. You have to take time and Thank God for all your blessings. Even hardships can be blessing in disguise. Only time can tell. Somewhere someone wants what you think is trash and vice versa. It’s all in the perspective. People in war torn countries aren’t upset over not having the latest fashions. They just want peace. People in countries with famine and little to no water aren’t concerned about television and fads. They just want to eat and drink. The biggest threat to happiness is trying to keep up with the Joneses. Money is a fickle thing. It can help and bring happiness or tear down and bring heartache. The only way to true happiness is to change your mindset.  You must learn to be grateful for what you do have, not miserable over what you don’t have.


Author: cc2cricket

I'm a devoted Christian mom and wife. I always look for the silver lining to the dark clouds. And I think if you try you can LIVE and enjoy your life no matter how chaotic!!

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